Order by:
Approximate pick up time:
October / November
Pick up location:
Sorg Quality Meats
N4290 US Highway 14
Darien WI 53114
Typical cost
Half Hog with hanging
wt. of 100lbs
$420 ($4.20/lb)
Typical processing costs
Total average cost
$505 (approx. $6.50/lb)

These costs are a guideline, and may vary depending on the weight of the pig and your custom processing choices.

A typical half hog yields
15lb Ham
¾” Pork Chops
3lb Pork Roasts
¾” Thick Pork Steaks
Pork Hocks
Ground Pork or Sausages
Neckbones w/ meat
Liver or Liversausage

Required freezer space
On average, a half pork will yield approx. 75lb of meat, fill 4 full-size grocery bags, and need about 3 cubic feet of freezer space.

Helpful pork cut charts

To Order

We raise several Heritage breed pigs in an outdoor setting, all of which are known for excellent taste and texture. Aside from access to pasture whenever possible, they enjoy a wholesome, diverse diet of organic grain, vegetables, and raw milk from the farm. No hormones or antibiotics are used in raising these pigs. They are allowed to move around freely, graze and forage in the soil, and nap in the sunshine.

We offer a half pork that is priced by the hanging weight and processed by a local state-inspected facility that also processes our beef. (Hanging weight refers to the weight after skinning and gutting, but with all the fat and bones still in, before the meat is cut.)

How to Order

Download and fill out an order form. Mail it to us along with a deposit check for your order ($150 for ½ pork). Checks should be made out to Zinniker Farm. We will confirm your order via email and send reminders throughout.


In October, your pig will go to Sorg Quality Meats for processing. We will send you an email outlining when and how to contact Sorg to give them your cutting order. This allows you to receive the specific cuts of pork the way you like them (e.g. type of cut, thickness of steak, number of chops per package etc.) and which cuts you would like to have cured and smoked, if any.

If you are not familiar with pork cuts, these charts are a helpful introduction to the options available to you. Some of these cuts might be unknown to you (like pork hocks). We will be happy to advise you about the cuts and how to prepare and cook them. You could also have the butcher trim off the meat and add it to your ground pork or sausages.

Pick up and Payment

Sorg will contact you when the pork is ready, usually around 10 days after processing when the ham and bacon have been cured and smoked (curing and smoking are available for an additional processing fee). You pick up the pork from the Sorg facility and pay them directly for processing. Zinniker Farm will send you an invoice for the balance due on the meat itself.