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Our honey tastes like no other, and has been described as “magic honey” by some of our customers.

Bees are an important part of any farm. Our bees are cared for like everything else we steward—without chemicals. Honey Valley Apiaries keeps multiple hives on our farm year-round. The bees are able to find nectar and pollen from a huge variety of trees, bushes, shrubs, grass, flowers, and herbs.

Commercial honey production plays a large role in the current bee crisis. Hives are asked to be migrant workers—they are moved around the country to pollinate various crops to the detriment of the hive. The queen becomes disoriented with each relocation, and her relationship with the worker bees is disturbed.

Bees were never meant to travel like that; hive stability is far more likely when bees stays put, as ours do. Our bees have access to our biodynamic floral population, which makes our honey unique.

Our honey is harvested in August and is left in its natural, raw state with all the nutrients and enzymes intact. After harvest the honey will change its color and consistency as it crystallizes and thickens naturally. The honey will be easily spreadable if kept at room temperature.