Free-Range Chicken

Meat chickens
Average size: 4.5lbs
No longer available
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Soup chickens & parts
Average size: 3.25lbs
Feet for stock:
$1.00 each
Please contact us for availability
Pick up:
Zinniker Farm

To order
Please contact us for availability, then fill out an order form and mail it to us with your deposit payment of $5 per bird.

Checks should be made out to Zinniker Farm. Remit the balance due when you pick up your chicken.

To Order

Zinniker Farm offers a variety of poultry, all raised on site from day-old chicks. Chicks spend some time indoors in a very warm place called a brooder until they grow the adult feathers that will allow them to face the elements. Then they move outside and onto pasture. All poultry is raised seasonally.

Meat chickens are moved to fresh grass daily. They can be picked up fresh on processing days or frozen.

Soup chickens are from our laying flock that lives at the farm year-round, but are processed only in the summer. They make an excellent chicken stock.

Most of our poultry is processed on the farm, but if needed, some of the poultry is processed by Norm’s Poultry Processing in Franskville, WI. We are very pleased with their operation, and know that Norm and his crew hold to the same high standards of our on-farm processing.