Biodynamic Preps

Availability: year round
Pick up: Zinniker Farm

BC - Biodynamic Compound
BD 500 - Horn Manure
BD 500X - Pre-potentized Horn Manure
BD 501 - Horn Silica
BD 502 - Yarrow
BD 503 - Chamomile
BD 504 - Stinging Nettle
BD 505 - Oak Bark
BD 506 - Dandelion
BD 507 - Valerian
BD 508 - Equisetum/ Horsetail
BD502-BD507 - Set of BD compost preparation

To order please contact us.
Preps can be shipped for an additional fee.

The Zinniker Family has been making biodynamic preparations since the 1960s.

Created according to directions given by Rudolf Steiner during his Agriculture Course in 1924, these preparations are made out of mineral, plant, and animal materials combined in ways that are specific to the individual preparation. These preparations help to strengthen the earth’s subtle life forces that are continuously waning; they are beneficial for all types of agricultural situations, from an urban backyard garden to a farm of several thousand acres.

Some are mixed in water and used as a spray, others are applied directly to compost. Guidelines for use are included with each order.