Grass-fed Beef

Order by:
year-round 2017 spring; summer and fall butcher dates will be available
Approximate pick up time:
Several dates available year round. Please contact us for available dates.
Pick up location:
Sorg Quality Meats
N4290 Us Highway 14
Darien, WI 53114
Order by whole, ½ or ¼ beef hanging weight
Approx. ¼ beef costs
Meat - hanging wt. 150lb
Total approx. cost:
Approx. ½ beef costs
Meat - hanging wt. 300lb:
Total approx. cost:
Approx. whole beef costs
Meat - hanging wt. 600lb:
Total approx. cost:

Required Freezer Space
A ¼ beef will net approx. 110lb take home meat.
This is equivalent to about 4 cubic ft. of freezer
space or 5 full-size grocery bags.

Helpful beef cut charts

To Order

Our herd enjoys year-round access to the outdoors, and is fed fresh grass on pasture during the season and hay in the winter. A small portion of Zinniker-grown grain is provided as a nutritional supplement rather than as a feed.

How to order

Please contact us to match you with the processing date that works best for you. After we reserve you a spot we will ask you to mail us your deposit check made out to Zinniker Farm ($200 for ¼ beef; $400 for ½ beef, $800 for whole beef). We will send reminders via email approximately one week before processing.


All steers are processed at state-inspected Sorg Quality Meats in Darien, Wisconsin. At the appropriate time, we will email you the contact information for Sorg so you can place your cutting order. Buying beef from Zinniker Farms means you get to decide on the size and kind of cuts you prefer and how they should be packaged.

The butchering style you choose will determine which cuts you take home. For example, cutting your beef with the Tenderloin taken out will give you Strip steak and Rib steaks, while cutting it up with the tenderloin left in will give you Porterhouse, T-Bone, and Ribeye steaks. These charts may help you understand the cut options. You can also speak with customer service at Sorg for advice and help in making decisions so you can be sure to get the cuts you need for your favorite recipes.

Pick up and Payment

Sorg will contact you when your beef is ready for pick up from their facility—usually around 14 days after processing, since beef needs to hang to achieve the best flavor. You will pay the processing fees to Sorg directly; Zinniker Farm will send you an invoice for your balance of the meat itself.